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Site Statistics  

Total Members : 35

Total Payouts : 114.24

Total Members: 35
Active Members: 12
Total Payouts: 114.24
Ads in Rotation: 2
Paid-To-Clicks: 38
Mails in Queue: 0
Keyword Totals
KeywordTotal Members
April brthday1
August birthday3
Can't Read English0
Computers & Internet30
December birthday1
February birthday3
Food & Drink30
Hold my cash2
Home & Garden31
I agree with terms32
I am a Liar0
I Cheat0
I have read terms29
I understand French5
I understand German2
I'm a Webmaster6
January birthday7
July birthday3
June birthday1
March birthday1
May birthday2
Mode & Lifestyle28
Movie & Music25
No minimum pay out PAYPAL13
November birthday2
October birthday1
Personal Finance21
Please delete me0
Point Ads21
PTP Ads29
September birthday0
Sign-up Ads17
Sport & Game25
Sunday mails please18
Take My Money0
We have 35 Active Members | Total Payouts: $114.24
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